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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 29, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. hey, everybody, i'm beth troutman. your weekend is almost here so let's watch some videos "right this minute." ♪ a driver doesn't see a small child, so he just goes. the knock down that can't keep a strong kid down. a puppy surviving near some tracks. >> spotted at the train station. >> the rush to rescue him before the train rolls in. throwing punches and pool sticks in a heck of a pub fight. >> they come back in after it's calmed down. >> why round two is on the house. plus, a penguin having a bad
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day, and what if men were honest in the bar? >> i'm going to try to impress you both, just in case. >> what men think when they are drinking. how many women are married to men they met in a bar? no matter what country you're in, i warn you, watch the roads. look out where you're going if you're driving. this video, we believe, is from china. >> oh, no! exactly. the small child is in front of it. >> the kid is so short, the driver didn't see. >> that's right. the driver claims he did not see the child at all. watch this. the child hops back up. the people come to the child's rescue, pick the little fellow up, cradling him, distraught, emotional, but he's fine. reports say just minor injuries,
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nothing serious and expected to recover. >> what they do in china and asia, they believe if there's misfortune, there's forchip connected to that so people now will play the lottery connected to the number plate to that van. >> are you serious? >> what's the power ball up to? >> i'm serious. >> app animal rescue in southern california have a beautiful story to share. >> just -- >> what you have here is a little male puy spd train stion, and every time a human gets close, it barks and runs away. notice what's around. he's living in fillth. you see all the excrement and trash he's in. they creep up close, get a leash around the neck, but how? the puppy sat there, just laid its head down, like these people
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will not bother me. the guy is growling and barking at him. discovered the guy is a puppy, think he's had trauma in his short life so they are trying to calm him down enough to put the other leash on him. they have their techniques, they calm the fellow down, get the leash around his neck, they call it the lucky leash, but this guy, you know, let's name him ben. >> he realizes they are friends, not foes. >> he gets comfortable because once lisa here picks him up, he's like, i like this, this is nice. when they get in the car, ben falls asleep, and they clean him up, he plays with another animal this, and they found him a forever home. look at him now. >> oh, he's so happy! >> such a sweet dog, you know, in a bad situation, now he has a family. >> a long way from the train
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tracks. public cam footage from a two-alarm fire curtesy of the firefighter,anthony. this is in pennsylvania, three families had to be displaced from the fire. this was after anthony and the crew made the initial cut in the roof here, they do that to ventilate the homes and get thefire under control. you see the work here, obviously, incredibly dangerous. >> try to keep -- >> they have the ladder up there. you can see that in parts of the video as well and hear a chain saw in the background, how they are cutting into this thing. crews were able to knock the fire down quickly, no injuries is aed dpoo thing, and they saved one cat, one cat taken out of the home to safety. from there to china. this time from fire to water. another kind of rescue. big time rain led to flooding in china, and you can see feet of
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water trapping this woman. you see her car really in there. the rescue workers going out to her. of course, they have a safety rope to get out to her. >> not like it's a rushing river there or anything, just completely more of a pond. they have a lot of safety equipment on just in case. >> and carry her out of there to safety, another good rescue. >> got her purse and shopping bag. >> the guys helped her because she didn't want to get her shoes left. that's their job, saving people's shoes one job at a time. this is a famous jockey in the u.k. quietly having a drink, go around now -- >> woah! that's a low blow. >> waited until the guy looked away. the big guy comes along, see what happens to his friend, and all three just lay into this guy. you have the landlord trying to drag one of the guys over the bar to break up the fight, but it keeps going.
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>> did i see a full moon? >> you did. it was full on punches, up against the pool tail. bear in mind, the original guy who is punched, he's on the floor, gets back up, why is this going on? the landlord, grabs a pool cue and starts laying down the law on people's heads. >> you don't want a fight in your pub. you want it to end. >> the landlord is blocking the original guy that was punched, but he gets another punch, down, and in the back of the head, another angle, actually. >> oh, wow. >> that's the original guy who started the problems. the fight starts to calm down, and his wife gets a black eye. >> what? ordering them out, they come back in after it's calmed down, and takes three, four, five, six, seven punches. the friend gets involved. >> oh, boy. >> honestly, this is not a strange occurrence in the u.k.
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this is why i left over a decade ago. it gets -- birch did the best to defend his pub, everyone got suspended, nobody went to prison, that's an average saturday night in the pub at the u.k. why it's a miracle the driver of this car survived this crash. >> oh, my gosh. and a juggling competition with a twist. >> they, like, attack each other and try to knock the pens. avav
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. this next one, never seen anything like this. this is combative competitive juggling. just juggling? no, no, no. this is the european juggling convention fight night. the number one player is the guy they call jj here uragainst the challengerment first seven points. how do you get a point? watch this. they start juggling, but it's not like, juggle, look at each other, and whoever drops or whatever, point for the other guy. no, they, like, attack each other. they don't hit each other, but watch here.
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here's how you get a point. >> woah! >> you try to hit the other pins out of his hands. watch. >> that is so cool. i'm not going to lie. that's fun. >> the strategy, you have to have one pip in the air at all times at least. throw it up high when the guy comes in, he tried to swat it out, but here's a point right here. watch -- watch he gets the first point because right there -- >> oh! >> jj lost his point, and they are keeping score. look at the crowd here. >> huge crowd. a popular sport. >> get this, 40 kcompetitors in the tournament, and this was the time two. watch the moment here, arms lock up like a sword fight here. >> oh, woah, woah, woah! he recovered. >> and then another -- >> oh, he lost his own. >> the number went seed proved why he's number one, but the hug, handshake, but what a
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sport. a beautiful field of black currants in lithuania, and guess what they see? a little fox. i don't blame the fox, currants are delicious, just going in for a nice treat. looks like he's playing with the camera. he backs up, the camera backs up, and he realizes this thing is following me. >> maybe some of the black currants maybe have gone bad. >> is the fox high? >> looks high. >> he's, like, looking, like, i want to eat in peace. nobody's supposed to know i'm here. i want you to watch this little lamb named winter because when they call winter's name, watch what it does. >> winter? >> it's tap dancing, it's a tap dancing lamb. >> i could watch this for an
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hour. >> bring in the noise, bring in the lamb. >> winter. we have a series of car related russian crazy scenes happening. you can see we're just sitting in traffic, nothing crazy happens here, but what we'll witness is a crime. the guy opens the door, grabs the hand bag, and they are off. >> oh, wow. oh, and then they get away and the car can't get chased because they squeeze through the traffic. >> drive with the doors locked. >> all the time. this next video, the driver is taking a turn, and things go crazy. >> oh! >> he, like, exploded. >> oh, the car just desen grated. >> out of nowhere, bmw at huge speed, the driver was injured as you expect, a head injury, concussion, breaken leg, and shock, but other than that --
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>> he survived? >> just a broken leg. the police are looking for the driver of the bmw because he drove off. there's more insanity. this guy gets a serious case of the flats. ? oh, my gosh, like the axle came with it. >> sheers off and bouncing down the road. >> i want to know what was in the mind of the guy from the other direction, like, what, what? >> i don't get the feeling of how the wheel was quicker than the car. jumped up, you're going too fast. >> the time when you're here and the tire's there. >> right. >> no good. what's trapped behind the car grill? >> it's a squirrel. >> a squirrel? >> a squirrel. >> see it next "right this minute." still to come, they ask people to grab a frame and -- >> kiss someone you love. >> oh. >> oh. >> the simple gesture that makes
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for some picture-perfect smooches. plus, you think you had a bad day? see why this little penguin is having a worse one. >> oh, the poor fellow.
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they want you to kiss someone you love. >> oh. >> now, if you look at these two, they may seem familiar because we covered their videos before. remember the call someone you love video they made and write someone you love video they made? now kiss someone you love. they are in new york city, got frames, and signs that say "kiss someone you love," stand behind the frame, we'll take a professional picture of you. at some point, you have to kiss. >> what a good thing for a first date. walking through the park, things are going well, you want to go in for the smooch --
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>> takes the awkwardness away. >> you have people with their dogs, families, a lot of people participated, and they got romantic and fun and whimsical pictures. >> you could do a smooch on the check, any kissing you want. >> like this family kissing the baby, and those kissable cheeks, let's admit it. >> oh, i like this. >> this is the favorite, the girl is, like, okay, just kiss me on the cheek, and the other is making it awkward. >> i like this one. look, you got to kiss him at some point. >> you get a professional photo for free, come on. >> i hope i run into them in one of their do something videos because they are all really cool. >> yeah. rtm. ♪
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>> oh! >> yeah! ♪ [ bleep ] nailed it. >> wow. guys, you think you had a bad day? ♪ because you had a bad day >> oh, that music is fitting. >> the 15 second video set to daniel powder's "bad day," and it's the penguin, and, he's all hunched over. it is a penguin chick, everyone else playing together, having fun, and they are all friends and this chick all alone. >> by himself. >> he can't stay up. tripping over a rock. >> looking for a friend.
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>> awkward where you look around to see if no one was looking. >> thought there was no one looking, but there was a camera. >> now everybody's looking. >> what happened after is what i want to know? go in the penguin depression? >> well, he's still alone trying to figure out how to navigate this rocky terrain. >> man. >> don't you feel better about yourself now? >> i'm not a penguin. my day is way better. >> way better. >> when men approach women at the bar. >> this is what they are saying, i'm bad at introductions, you want alcohol? >> why the cold hard truth is hard to swallow. >> i looked at you for a successful flight
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for offall of them. >> good stuff. behold the wonder of the gopro flying horizontal wheel. they are participating in the 2014 pyrotech nicks and they are
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working with this special mount, so the go pro spin when this spins. see this? >> oh. >> this thing has fireworks atta attached. >> those are huge fireworks. not little ones from a roadside stand. >> they are big and incredible. it starts spinning. you see fire, and at first i thought, well, it just exploded. ♪ >> smoke clears, and then you notice it's gone, and you look at the ground, like, well, it did not explode in pieces. >> trying to figure out what they are doing here. >> look at that. this is what it looks like to the observer. >> oh, cool. >> oh, okay. >> well, that makes sense. the whole time, i thought, what the heck are we watching here. >> that's cooler looking now that i see the formation that it
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creates, why the things were on the outside. i guess that's the design. >> now, look at this, this is the video from the gopro. it's spinning, spinning, they had a custom mount because they didn't want to gopro to spin with it, up, up, and away. what's cool about the video and the footage, it's part of a documentary to view next july called "pack fire." man approaching woman at a bar. you know, you don't know her, trying to make an impression. at times you question, is everything that is being said true? check out this video from buzz feed. >> hey, my friend doesn't have the confidence to talk to you. you like that? i'm bad at introductions, you want alcohol? i only want to talk to one of you, but i'll try to impress both of you just in case. i'm trying to determine your amount of emotional baggage and whether i can handle it or not.
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looks like he sent you a drink so you couldn't say no. i looked at you a long time before i came here. >> it's a comedy line. >> comes back to the goal, instead of asking you up on a date, let's hang out time sometimes. >> i say threesome like a joke, but i would take part in that. >> i'm interested in having sex. i'm approaching you with that in mind. >> looking for someone with same interests as me and a vagina. >> the common goal is that night. >> it was the right foot, and they lost it from you. >> sees you in a bar, guy or girl, it's 90% because of -- >> maybe not. i don't go to the bar to get laid. how many of my friends are married to those who they met in
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a bar? >> beth troutman. that's a true story. >> the guy in the glasses just wants a meaningful relationship to find someone to get married too. and i'll grow a beard and you'll grow long hair. >> i'm out. you would run away. >> i want to marry you right now. >> it's sweet. >> if you want to see the entire video, go to our website, click on the show, or watch it on our mobile app. that's all for us here at "right this minute," we'll see that's all for us here at "right this minute," we'll see you next time, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. hey, everybody, i'm beth trout marn. if you love great videos, keep it right here, "right this minute." ♪ a lover's kwurl turns heart break. >> because she was his -- >> my baby. >> did he say cinnamon apple. why he is saying that and so much more. cameras show a man who led a boy behind the dumpster and left the child there. what happened when they tracked down the boy's mom. >> look at this. a brave young lady


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